Hi, I’m Babs King (or you may know me as Alex depending on the circumstances of how we meet/met. It’s a long story but as I’m a gemini, dual personalities are appropriate). I’m an illustrator and all-round craftanista based in London, UK.

A digital drawing of Babs King surrounded by bright, kooky cartoons

I specialise in fun, bright and quirky designs but I’m happy to give any artistic style a go.

I’m also the creator of Office Octopus : Finding the Funny in Office Life – a web-based cartoon series which takes a deep dive into the mundanity of working an office job. Jump straight into the adventures by clicking the below image:

A cartoon of an octopus in a meeting with three rats. One rat is dressed like the detective Columbo

When I’m not creating I can be found either at the cinema or at a football stadium. I’m a movie geek obsessed with Back to the Future and also a long-suffering AFC Wimbledon fan.

I would love to hear from you about commissions, collaborations or even film recommendations. Please visit my contact page and leave me a message.

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