Introducing CutiePins was originally created as a space on the internet where I could display a portfolio of my illustration and design work. I was working part time as a Social Responsibility Office at a Health Club and part time on my creative business.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit I suddenly had a lot more time on my hands and then, once the quarantine was introduced, I had even more time available to create.

This is when I had the idea for CutiePins.

CutiePins are a range of pin badges which depict characters (usually animals) with overly cute, stylised faces. I like to use the Japanese term ‘kawaii’, meaning cute, when I describe the look and feel of the characters.

The lightbulb moment for these badges came to me when I found some old shrink plastic sheets in my craft box. I realised that I could combine the digital art I had been working on with the shrink plastic to make a product.

And CutiePins were born! 

You can purchase a variety of cute and quirky pins from my Etsy store here

A picture of Babs King standing behind a table displaying brightly coloured accessories and art work including cutie pins
Babs King at the Crafty Craft Fair with a selection of CutiePins, Earrings and Art

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